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Our fearless leader Jo Jukes needs no introduction, but here we say hello to the Directors of For The Fallen, who form a committee charged with driving the organisation forwards. 


Samantha Ferguson

My name is Samantha aka as Sammi. I live in Bonny Scotland with our teenage son. We recently lost my beloved husband Jamie to suicide, he was a hugely intelligent man who could turn his hand to anything. He was a very keen hunter & fisherman as well as being an amazing father and stepfather. His devastating loss brought me here to For The Fallen. It’s an absolute honour to be a Director and I will do my absolute best within the role.


Katriona Du Preez

My name is Katriona Du Preez, most people know me as Kat. I am a mummy to an amazingly resilient little boy and also work full time as a Resourcing Partner at the Department for Transport. 

So why am I here? My husband George was a Commonwealth soldier in 3 Para who battled with complex PTSD following his return from a tour in Afghanistan in 2011. George’s PTSD was so severe he was medically discharged with it in 2014.  We fought on a daily basis for seven years to get the right treatment for his complex condition to no avail.  Unfortunately George lost his battle in November 2019, the trauma he carried was just too much. I joined For the Fallen after Jo Jukes reached out to me and have found the support and comfort in this new ‘safe place’ reassuring, knowing that we are on this journey together gives me hope.

Being asked to be Company Secretary has been such an honour. Whilst we can’t undo the tragedies that we have experienced, our aim is to use those experiences to help people learn and to ultimately reduce military related suicide. 

We do this in honour of those we have lost – our voices united will be heard. 


Mandy Small

My name is Mandy Small, I served 12 years in the Royal Air Force and I’m now a Rehab Assist on a stroke ward in the NHS. I’m mum to an amazing young man, Jamie, who amongst other things is passionate about ending the stigma around mental health and suicide.

My husband and Jamie’s dad Chris took his own life in November 2016. Chris had served in the Army as a chef for 21 years. During his career Chris was very much a soldier first and chef second. During his 21 years he served in every conflict zone at least once, sometimes numerous times.

I joined For the Fallen just after it was started and I’m honoured to have been asked to be a director.

It’s so important that the families stand together and support each other. Together we are stronger.


Alison Blackwell

My name is Alison I am 48 years old and married to Martin better known as Nibbs. We have six grown-up children between us and two little Grandsons. Recently we lost my beautiful youngest son Nathan to suicide. He was still serving with 5 Rifles and was just 20 years old.

It truly is an honour to become a Director for ‘For The Fallen.’ I promise to do everything within my power to honour our loved ones and bring about the much-needed changes. My hope is to help and advise others during their own painful journey with the knowledge and experience gained through my own.

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