The First Military Veteran Recorded Suicide: The whole story

I’m sitting here at 1 am, two days after my husband’s inquest has concluded and it’s like I am thrown back into my grief for his death all over again. It’s a sad fact that my situation will not be changed by sharing the truth, no matter how hard I scream, my situation will not change. I listened to 4 […]

Family Support and Early Intervention is Crucial

The advantage I have in making our story so public is that I have the honour of many other families reaching out to me to either share their story or ask for advice on how to either access support or treatment.#PTSD#CPTSD The foundations of any mental health support in the community is the family and those who are closest to […]

The After Effects of Suicide on Those Left Behind: Suicide Prevention

There is no getting away from it, suicide still carries a stigma for both the person and those left behind. Families are torn apart by suicide, everyone looks for someone to blame and sometimes that results in them turning inwardly upon themselves or on other members of their family or professionals. I have tried, very hard, to not do this. […]