For The Fallen is formed in memory of Lance Corporal Dave Jukes & is dedicated to the memory of a brave man, a father, a husband & a soldier. We do what we do so that other families of the fallen are not alone in their hour of need, but also to make permanent changes to the way serving and veteran HM Armed Forces personnel are treated.

Lance’s Story

Hayley Gough tells the story of the sad death of Lance Shingler in her own words: I feel it’s important to share mine and Lances story as it’s important to highlight that suicide isn’t the only part of there story.. I feel there’s a need to highlight that from the outside someone can look perfectly […]

Our Nathan’s Story

In the first of our series of stories from family members who have ‘survived’ military suicide, we meet Maria who tells the story of Nathan, his depression and eventual untimely end.   Our Nathan was born in Germany 1978 to very much an Army family.  His father in the Royal Corp of Transport and his […]

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